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ScareAtorium 2017 Season

The Scareatorium features 2 INDOOR Haunts for 1 price ($20) with FREE parking. The Northland Asylum is located on the site of a real former institution ~ as you make your way through it on a self-guided tour, you are confronted by the twisted and tormented patients of the diabolical Dr. Collins.

The screams continue as you visit RIP's 3D Funhouse, a scary sensational overload, where laughter is NOT the best medicine. Or, you can visit one of our new ESCAPE ROOMS ($5 each) featuring 13 Coffins, Lyncom Labs, RIP's Boxcar or The Cut-Throat Cabin. You’ll have three minutes to figure out how to get out of the room…if you can do that, you win a prize!

"One of Ohio's Top 10 Haunted Attractions: Readers' Picks"

- Zanesville Times Recorder

The ScareAtorium in Columbus, Ohio features 2 indoor haunted attractions for $20 with FREE parking!

New in 2017, our escape rooms are BACK! For $5 each, you can visit one of two escape rooms: RIP's Boxcar or the Cut-Throat Cabin. You and your group of four to six people have just three minutes to solve the clues and beat the challenge to win a prize! Tickets are limited and available onsite only.

The ScareAtorium features retail merchandise, private party room rentals, and Funhouse Faces makeup artist appointments.

Tickets available onsite or online.

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"TOP Tri-State Attraction: Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Haunts"

- City Blood

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