#9 Top Tri-State Attraction: Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Award  City Blood

The insane asylum inmates, living dead and cross-dressing clown that stalk Columbus’ haunted attraction have a lot up their membrane-soaked sleeves to scare visitors’ pants — and 3D glasses — off.  Columbus Alive

When it came time to transform some of Columbus’ most recognizable faces from their everyday mugs into some weird, twisted, and creepy visages, (614) knew just who to turn to.  614 Magazine 

The Scareatorium is 40,000 square feet of pure terror thanks to over 100 actors and scenes that are so detailed that one would think it was really real!   This Week News

They all love performing. In a theater, give you a standing ovation. At the ScareAtorum:  they scream and run!  CSP News Magazine

One of Ohio’s Top 10 Haunted Attractions:  Readers’ picks  Gannett Ohio /Zanesville Times Press Recorder

There are more than 2500 Haunts that open in the Fall in the haunted attraction industry: and the great names include the ScareAtorium being one of the most elaborate and becoming a major destinations in their own right.  They are extremely thorough and intricate, with Hollywood-style special effects, pyrotechnics and professional actors in the Fall.  FORBES

There are a lot of sources of terror at the ScareAtorium, but the best frights come from the attraction’s Fear leaders and actors, who have honed their scare senses and know just when and how to make their presence felt and to scare you!  City Scene Columbus

The ScareAtorium is billed as one of the largest haunted attractions in Central Ohio, with two haunted houses in the 40,000 square foot space.   Fox 28 Live Broadcast

Best of Columbus Award in the Amusement Parks category Columbus Awards Program

The Scareatorium has been redesigned with a central corridor concept, allowing one or more actors to easily perform in several scenes. This improves the guest experience by providing more scares and is more efficient when scheduling the number of nightly resources needed.  Selling Halloween

The ScareAtorium’s main attraction is The Northland Asylum and the set up for the holiday event is simple yet ingenious idea. The inmates have decorated the asylum for the holidays and they might just be roaming around the halls unchecked. The haunt is dressed in Christmas decorations that look like they were put up by deranged minds.  Haunted Attraction Magazine


The ScareAtorium is one of the TOP Haunted Houses in Central Ohio! They have added two additional escape rooms and they are an absolute MUST!  The Scare Factor Review

YOU’LL GO CRAZY WITH FEAR!   The ScareAtorium is one of Ohio’s best attractions!  It features some of the most dedicated actors with elaborate costumes and great makeup. It’s a scary haunt and one that you, your family and friends will enjoy. It’s close to 30 minutes of terror that will make anyone go crazy with fear.  City Blood

Acting carries the show with the cast delivering enthusiastic performances, and interacting with groups via meaningful dialogue and costuming is top-notch.  The Scareatorium can always be counted on not to disappoint!  Ohio Valley Haunts Review

Acting carries the show with the cast delivering enthusiastic performances, and interacting with groups via meaningful dialogue and costuming is top-notch.  The Scareatorium can always be counted on not to disappoint!  Ohio Valley Haunts Review

Once inside you will hear the Screams!  The Asylum is meant to scare you!  The Scareatorium has learned the perfect blend of special effects and has a great price for all that is offered. Flawless Customer Service!  The Scare Factor Review

It’s a good value for how much entertainment you’re getting. We wholeheartedly recommend The ScareAtorium. It’s a bloody good time.  City Blood

Rip Stinker’s Funhouse makes the best of being entertaining (with lots of eye candy) as well and scary.  Ohio Valley Haunts


I had a great time! Definitely worth the drive time and the cost. Make sure to pay the extra for the Escape Rooms, they are a lot of fun!

Probably the best Haunt I have been to! The scenery and actors are phenomenal and breath taking. If you are looking for a place to get scared and be entertained this is it! Even waiting in line actors keep you hyped up, and that’s before you even enter the building! The escape rooms are definitely worth the extra $5 or $10. This place blows other haunts out of the water!

Best Haunted House of them all. I went last year and had a blast…cant wait to go back again this year!

Mind blowing,thrilling and terrorfiying simply put…….amazing

Phenomenal…!!  Awesome…!!  Incredible…!!  I cannot think of enough superlatives for how fantastic the Columbus Scare-A-Torium is.  This is THE BEST haunted house you’ll ever go to. Ever. Period. Ever…!

Great scare experience!  Loved every second of it and the Escape Rooms were Great TOO!

I love ScareATorium. They always put on a GREAT show.

Had an awesome time ! The actors were great ! We go to a lot of haunted houses every year and I think this is one of the best for sure . Keep up the good work guys !

Best Haunted House in Central Ohio. Every year they add something new, and the actors are incredibly passionate. The 3-D Funhouse is insane. Definitely recommend it to everyone I know.

Go. Just go. Seriously, stop thinking about it and GO…! You have a GREAT time – I PROMISE – and then you’ll thank me.  A lot.  Go…

I knew when I found out you ran Terror Park at Cooper Stadium that I had to go here.  I loved every second and the organization with the groups is great.  love love love great job all of you!!

You’d be surprised at the sheer amount of trade skills you can learn by working in a haunted house. Carpentry, electrical, prop building, costuming, makeup, acting, entertaining, teamwork, leadership, coaching, training, and more. Seriously, a haunted house has it ALL.

Once in, the horror begins as you are greeted by the “doctor” as he explains that the hospital has been overrun by zombie patients. Thru the corridors, u encounter rooms and rooms of very scary props and actors. Even the children’s ward was terrifying as the crazy children scream at you as you pass. Once u finish the terrifying asylum, you then go to the carnival house. Trust me, it’s not fun! It’s a 3D mind trip with clowns!!!!!! Freaking crazy clowns!!!!!! This was my favorite part! The decor is so disorienting! Needless to say, when we left we were relieved, and laughing Cus it was so fun, and sweating cus we were really spooked. This is great for the whole family.  Overall this is a solid 45 mins of great Halloween fun, highly recommended.

From beginning to finish, this haunted attraction kicks a** for all ages. We drove 2+ hours to go here (and a few others). The ScareAtorium was extremely spacious, and they made use of all the space they had available. Actors were in character from outside in the parking lot, down to a quick bathroom trip that left us being stalked up until the restroom door!!! Full of great props and enthusiastic actors. So many jump scares with twists and turns!! The 3d haunt was very impressive, full of actors and scares. Which is rare for 3d anywhere. We were very impressed. We hope to return for the Christmas Haunt, and next year as well!!! What a great way to start our night. Thanks, Scare Atorium!!