Check Out this Interview with Kelly & Neena!
October 14, 2015

We Are Open!


Halloween approaches and we promise – We WILL SCARE YOU! The Scareatorium has opened it’s doors and we are looking forward to seeing you.  See what Fox 28 news has to say about all the time we put into setting up: Click here for Video.


The Scareatorium is open every weekend in October. What goes on during the setup and behind the scenes of this epic scare? Cam and Neena are giving you the inside scoop! See the Videos: CLICK HERE and HERE.


The monsters look so real! That’s because our makeup artists train year-round.  We promise, behind the art, our monsters are actually human. Get a behind the scenes look with Cam and see our artists at work! CLICK HERE.


In our final video, Neena takes you inside one of our “fun” houses. (Is fun the right word to use here? It’s going to scare you!). Click Here to join Cam and Neena and get an inside look at what you can expect at the Scareatorium Fun House! Click Here to Watch!


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